Day By Day..What I’m Up To

May 14th 2014
I spent 2 days before attending my first Drill weekend preparing physically for what would be in store. And man, oh man, was I glad I’d prepared, because Drills were intense! This left me pretty sore, and once Monday came around I was exhausted and drained. I took that day to rest, and then ran for a while last night, but I’m still feeling very fatigued. It’s best to get accustomed to waking early and immediately exercising, which is what I plan to do, but with finals finally over and all the chaos of enlisting while being in college, I’m taking my chances and taking things easy for the rest of the week. Since I am leaving for study abroad in Europe come July, and I will be gone a month, I know I have to be mindful of how I manage my time and my physical training-there isn’t time to waste! However, I believe taking a couple days to rest will benefit me later, or so I’m hoping. It’s back to the grind come Sunday, though!


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