The Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery is usually taken at a computer at MEPS. It is a timed multi-aptitude test. You may be surprised to know that you’ve probably already taken it, as it’s given at over 14,000 schools nationwide. There are four very crucial areas that you will be tested in: Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Mathematics Knowledge. The scores you make in these areas will determine whether you are qualified to enlist, and just how qualified you are for certain bonuses and military occupational specialties (MOS). The higher your score, the higher your chances at landing the MOS you desire, so take the ASVAB seriously. Study and be prepared to concentrate by eating a good breakfast the morning of your test and getting plenty of rest the night before.  If you need to retake the test, you are required to wait for a one month period. Any retesting after that will require 6 months in between tests. The ASVAB will measure your strengths and weaknesses, and your potential for future success. How well you do on this test will rely heavily on how well you prepare, so go find a quite place you can study without distraction and draw up a basic study schedule. Ideally, you should study 2 months prior to testing. I wish you luck! Here are some valuable resources for those preparing for their ASVAB: ASVAB For Dummies, Premier Plus (with Free Online Practice Tests) McGraw-Hill’s ASVAB, 3rd Edition: Strategies + 4 Practice Tests ASVAB Study Guide 2014: ASVAB Test Prep with Practice Questions Barron’s ASVAB Flash Cards: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery 1,001 ASVAB Practice Questions For Dummies (+ Free Online Practice)